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The author, Simon Spence:





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Please see below for images cleared for press use. If you are interested in obtaining permission for any other images in the book, please contact Annabel Robinson or
Helen Barnes at FMcM Associates annabelr[at]fmcm.co.uk or helenb[at]fmcm.co.uk

Tour bus, Sweden, 1985 (Garner, Brown, Couzens) © Lena Kagg Ferrero

Couzens and Brown on stage, Sweden © Lena Kagg Ferrero

Squire, Brown and Garner in rehearsal © Sue Dean.

Squire, Garner and Brown on stage, 1987 © Sue Dean

Brown on stage, 1986 © Sue Dean

Reni on stage, 1987 © Sue Dean

Brown and his tattoo, 1988 © Sue Dean

Signing the contract, 1987 © Sue Dean

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