For all UK publicity enquiries please contact:
Annabel Robinson or Helen Barnes at FMcM Associates on
0207 405 7422 or email annabelr[at] / helenb[at]

Irish Publicity requests: Cliona Lewis
cliona.lewis[at] Tel: 003531 6617691 / 00 353 872078160

America requests: Loren Jaggers Tel (646) 307-5566

Penguin Communications Director: Amelia Fairney
amelia.fairney[at] Tel: 020 7010 3247 / 07764 774291

Viking Editorial Director: Joel Rickett
joel.rickett[at] Tel: 020 7010 4317 / 07973 373698

Simon Spence: 

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi Simon
    This is a long shot and I doubt very much that you will receive this personally. Basically I love your book on the Roses and I love the Roses more than anything. They have been an addiction of mine since I was 14. I am now 42 years old and one day short of being 10 years younger than Ian who incidentally shares a birthday with my daughter. This is where the long shot come into play. In a nut shell I figured that since you have written an excellent book about my heroes you must have had some contact with them?? I would love to meet them as I am so find of them. I did meet Ian for 3 seconds in 99 when he did a gig in Nottingham and I had fallen of my chair at an after show party. He walked past with his security and asked if I was ok. That’s as far as I have got!! Very frustrating for me as you can imagine. I have however met Oasis many times and partied in their company. But the Roses have always alluded me. They probably wouldn’t meet me as I could be anyone, but my details are on Facebook and I’m just a regular guy with a wife, child and 3 dogs. I’ve brought my 18 year old up on the ROSES and she has seen them with me too. I know it’s a long shot Simon and I’m sorry to bother you but if you don’t ask you don’t get!
    Thanks for your time. Great book!
    Kind regards and loving in hope.

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